Premiere: ÄTNA release new song + music video “Smile”

Berlin avant-pop duo ÄTNA, Inéz and Demian Kappenstein, are an odd duo: Demian focuses on organic beats, recorded on drums and enhanced with delicate effects while Inéz complements those beats with her enchanting voice paired with futuristic piano and synth sounds. The result is unconventional music, singular in its oddity of sound and execution. 

Their debut album, Made By Desire (2020), was seen as a new chapter in German pop history and as such was awarded the coveted Anchor Award of the Reeperbahn Festival. Their music and shows integrate monochrome stage costumes and mesmerizing videos which create what they call, “their own world” during a live performance. 

Today ÄTNA are releasing their latest single, “Smile” via Humming Records, accompanied by a trippy music video. The video is a visually striking minimalist statement, ÄTNA commented:

“In the music video for “Smile,” we go new ways this time and escape to a place between dream and disturbance, where a fleeting smile distorts space and time. Echoes from the future become déjà vu. Hypnotic and intangible. Unsurprisingly, our new song comes as a surprise; dry yet dubby, ballad-esque yet beat driven – a strive for acceptance of dark passengers who will always be a part of the whole.” See it here first:

ÄTNA Live Dates:
27. Oct 21  DE –  DARMSTADT Centralstation
05. Mar 22  DE –  DRESDEN Beatpol
06. Apr 22  DE –  WIESBADEN Kesselhaus
08. Apr 22  DE –  JENA Kassablanca
09. Apr 22  DE –  BERLIN Astra
20. Apr 22  DE –  MUNICH Ampere
21. Apr 22  AT-SALZBURG Rockhouse
23. Apr 22  AT-VIENNA Fluc
30. Apr 22  DE –  MUNSTER Gleis 22